Monday, August 29, 2011

Fermented Punch

According to Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, "punch" come from the Hindu word meaning "five," because it was crafted from five ingredients. During American colonial times, recipes called for water, sugar, lemons, tea, and liquor. In this version we use raw cane sugar (which would have been traditional in India) and whey (also readily available in India.) This results in a delicious lacto-fermented drink that's a great pick-me-up during the day!

Easy Home-made Cream Cheese

You don't need fancy cultures, special equipment, or technical knowledge to make your own tasty cream cheese at home! All you need is yogurt, a strainer, and some thin cloth. This type of cream cheese, also called yogurt cheese or labneh is far superior to most commercial varieties. This is because the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt transfer to the yogurt cheese, so you get a live-cultured product that is good for your digestion and immune system. Plus you are left with the yogurt liquid, called whey, which you can use for other fermentation adventures!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home-made Goat Cheese

Making your own cheese has many benefits. You select your preferred type of milk, you control exactly what goes into the cheese (instead of some far-away factory!) and you can make it exactly how you enjoy it. Plus it's just plain fun! Learn how to make simple cheeses in your own home following this recipe.

September Potluck

trade circle
Second Saturday Potluck
Barter Circle
Saturday, September 10th, 12pm

Join the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center for our monthly potluck program! The food is delicious, the company enjoyable, and the programming delightful- what more could you ask for? The event begins at 12pm with a potluck in the Wagbo farmhouse. Bring a dish to pass if you can, but it’s not mandatory. Wagbo provides drinks and table service.

The program starts at 1 pm with a barter circle. Traditionally practiced for hundreds of years (if not more), barter circles bring together diverse groups of people to respectfully share their bounty with one another. Trading transfers goods to people who need them, builds relationships, and strengthens communities. So bring your handmade crafts, garden produce, agricultural products, gently used items, or anything else you find appropriate and become part of a tradition! (Remember, however, that this is not a garage sale or a place to dump unwanted items; rather bring something you think others will enjoy and hope to come away with something useful in return!)

Raise the Roof Benefit Concert and Raffle

"Raise the Roof" Benefit Concert and Raffle
An evening of folk dancing, local music, and good food to raise money for our roof 

Date and Time: Saturday, September 24th, 7 pm
Location: Banks Township Hall, Ellsworth
Cost: Sliding Scale $10-$20 per adult; Kids 12 and under are free

Support the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center by coming out to our "Raise the Roof" benefit! Starting at 7 pm the Peacemeal String Band will play old-timey music with Dan Gorno and Jan Fowler calling contra and square dances. We welcome dancers of all levels of experience; if you've never participated in these group dances before, now is the time to discover what fun they are! Folk musician Chris Bathgate will perform starting at 9:30pm. We will also sell raffle tickets for three gift baskets, plus a grand prize of a side of pork from Providence Farm and CSA (valued at approximately $250!) Finally, be sure sure not to miss our complimentary food, tea, and coffee; enjoy samples of wild edibles; check out our merchandise table featuring handcrafted goods; and browse installations of local art. Come prepared for a fun time, and bring the whole family!

Photo courtesy of Chris Bathgate

Sponsored by Providence Farm and CSABC Pizza and Jo Jo's Natural Market

Read more about our benefit on our website.