Friday, December 17, 2010

January Potluck: GasLand Film Showing

First Friday Potluck
Friday, January 7th, 6 pm
Gasland Film Showing

Join the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center for our monthly potluck series.  Dinner starts at 6 pm. Bring a delicious dish to pass if you can, but it's not required, so feel free to join us with a dish or without.  The documentary feature GasLand starts at 7 pm.  Director Josh Fox journeys across America to examine the negative impacts of natural gas drilling, from poisoned water sources to kitchen sinks that burst into flame to unhealthy animals and people. Is natural gas a viable alternative to our dwindling energy resources, or do the potential harmful effects outweigh the positives? This question is especially important to the gas-rich community of northern Michigan.

For more info, contact Wagbo at 231-536-0333, or email

For more information about the film, see GasLand the Movie.

Homebrewing Classes: Beer and Mead

Saturday, January 15th 1-5pm
Homebrewing Classes: Beer and Mead Making
Two Workshops and Demonstrations at the Wagbo Farmhouse 
Cost: $10 per person each workshop, $15 for both

1 pm: Homebrewing Ale: In this workshop we will be showing the basics of making ale over your own stove, discussing brewing history, and even sampling examples of the style being brewed: a Traditional Scottish Ale. Samples are only for those of legal age. $10 per person,

3pm: Old School Home Brewin' - Mead making at home: Mead, a honey wine, is the most ancient alcoholic beverage known. Come learn the basics of making this archaic wine and find out why it was once known as the "Nectar of the Gods." Samples will be provided to those of age. $10 per person.

* $10 per person each workshop, $15 for both workshops
* Samples and snacks provided