Friday, September 24, 2010

October Potluck: Bike Repair!

October Potluck
Bike Repair Workshop
Saturday, October 2nd, 4 pm

Join us at the Martha Wagbo Farm and Education Center for our monthly potluck series. On the first Saturday of October, avid bicyclist Glenn Goodman will share his knowledge on the basics of bike mainenance. Bring along your own bike for the possibility of a free tune up! Due to time restrictions we may not be able to service all of the bikes, but you're guaranteed to learn a thing or two to help keep your bike in good shape. Stick around afterwards for a potluck in the farmhouse. As always, Wagbo provides drinks and table service. Feel free to join us with or without a dish to pass!

Canoe for Cranberries

WEEDS Autumn Foraging Events
Wild Edibles for Ecological and Dietary Sustainability

Canoe for Cranberries: Saturday, October 9th, 2 pm
A Jordan River Float for Highbush Cranberry and Wild Ginger!

Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) is a native shrub that grows wild in wetlands and is especially prolific along the Jordan River. Great in jams and juices, we will learn to identify this tasty berry as we float Michigan's first wild and scenic river. This float is not for those unwilling to get wet or those without waders; we will be hopping in and out of canoes once this conspicuous crimson culinary comestible is spotted. Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) grows in certain hidden spots along the river. We will stop at one large patch to uproot this tasty treat and potent medicine. Recipes for candied ginger made with Wagbo syrup will be shared with those foragers with dirt under their nails. Bring your own canoe and baskets, or call Wagbo to see if any lenders are available. Put-in will be at Old State Road. Call 231-536-0333 for any questions.

Autumnberry Harvest

WEEDS Autumn Foraging Events
Wild Edibles for Ecological and Dietary Sustainability

Sunday, October 10th, 5 pm
At Raven's Roost Farm in Bellaire

Autumnberry (AKA autumn olive) is a prolific and conspicuous invasive shrub known to nearly every person concerned with habitat preservations. What is often overlooked is its edible and delicious berries, which ripen to a speckled-red in autumn. Excellent raw, dried, juiced, or made into jam, we will harvest loads of berries as well as recipes. Come rain or shine!

Raven's Roost Farm is located at 2398 Vandermark Road in Bellaire. Call Wagbo at 231-536-0333 for directions.

Second Annual Apple Pressing

Saturday October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th
1 pm to 5 pm

Bring your apples to juice into sweet cider! An autumn tradition for hundreds of years, community apple pressing is great for the whole family. This weekend-long event is the perfect answer to a surplus of apples, so save the date! Bring your own jugs to fill. Suggested donation of $5 per family