Friday, February 12, 2010

Wagbo's Sno-Blast Event

Wagbo's participation in the East Jordan Sno-Blast Celebration was a great success! Chris Evans of Wild Ginger Children's Arts kindly came out to present stories, songs, and puppet shows to children. She was a big hit! Her imaginative stories really caught hold of the kids' attentions, and her puppet shows were very beautiful and unique.

She started out with a puppet show of the rabbit and the carrot, a tale of friendship in which the forest animals share a carrot with one another during the bitter winter:

She followed this tale with some interactive songs and poems, which the kids had a fun time acting out:

Then came the tale of the lost mitten, in which the kids pretended to be various wild animals hiding in a boy's lost mitten:

After this came more interactive songs and poems, followed by the last story. It was an Ojibway tale of Shingebiss the duck, who bravely faced the fierce North Wind:

Chris' presentation ended with a few more songs, and then the kids headed out to go sledding! Here is board member Alana Haley carting board member Jennifer Lewis' child back to the farmhouse:
It was a perfect day for outdoor activities: sunny, warm, with a clear view of the Jordan River Valley. (Though I'm not sure the kids noticed this much while flying down the hill!) We here at Wagbo hope to see you out at the farm for more winter events!