Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Fest

Little Norway's

at the Wagbo Peace Center

5745 North M-66, East Jordan, Michigan

You may need to call or write if you plan on attending workshops

A Celebration of Winter in the Scandinavian Tradition

Sled! Ski! Snowshoe! Workshops! Food!

Friday, Jan. 16, 6:00pm:
Film: Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring
Tentatively planned at the East Jordan Public Library.

Perhaps no modern fictions so closely resemble the ancient
Scandinavian mythologies than the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. A student of mythology, Tolkien mirrored many of his tales off of relic European and Nordic texts, capturing both the epic cosmological world-view and the physical power of a demanding and inspiring landscape. With Mead-Halls, Tree-spirits, and ancient weapons forged to fulfill prophesies, Tolkien was not, as many believe, the “father” of so-called “modern fantasy,” but rather a writer who single handedly reawakened new generations to the legendary themes and styles of their ancestors. This film is the first in a beautiful and dramatically epic trilogy.

Saturday, Jan. 17,
Throughout the day:
Try Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing here at Aspen Grove XC Center!! Enjoy Sledding
hills overlooking the Jordan River Valley, with Hot Cocoa and Swedish-Style Baked Goods!

The ancient Scandinavians perfected the art of weaving from the “Tree of Light”: the White Birch. Learn about their love for this versatile, dependable and magical tree first hand through weaving a simple and beautiful ring from its bark. Suggested instructor donation and materials fee $5. Class size limited, call now to save a space!

In 1994 the late British brewing historian Michael Jackson traveled to rural Finland in search of the legendary Sahti, an Ale he called “the only primitive beer to survive in Western Europe.” Come and learn to brew this ancient Finnish Ale over a warm fire using traditional ingredients. Enjoy Finnish Rye bread while sampling local interpretations of this once common Scandinavian beer, and learn a bit about Northern European brewing practices before the global wave of modernity put an end to interesting and fun superstitions. Suggested Instructor donation $15 (includes bread and Ale samples)

For the Scandinavian peasantry, a weaving loom was a luxury. A technique of off-loom weaving was therefore a popular rural folk practice. Called “Fingerweaving” in the Americas and simply “Braiding” in Scandinavia, this colorful style of hands-on weaving was essential for much of the traditional and festive wear of Scandinavia and is still popular today. Learn to weave your own sash, hat band, strap, etc. with 100% wool yarn by hand and without specialized or expensive equipment. Class size limited, call now! Materials fee $10.


A Night-Time Nature walk exploring the ancient mythical relations between Norsemen and Trees. Enjoy a torch-lit nature hike through forest and field focused on our Northern European ancestors’ rich folk traditions concerning their “pillars of heaven:” Trees. Hot Cocoa provided. Suggested Instructor donation $3.